We Are Here On Holidays

by Guiri Resort

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Este EP fue grabado entre diciembre de 2016 y marzo del 2017 por Raúl Ranea y Pablo Vaquera en nuestro local de ensayo y en casa de Pablo, donde él también lo mezcló durante Marzo y Abril. Steve Corrao lo masterizó en Mayo en Sage Audio (Nashville -Tennessee-).

Todos los temas son de Guiri Resort.

Pablo Vaquera & Alejandro Garrido coros en "Guiri Resort".

Editado por Devil Records y Though Ain't Enough Records.


This EP was recorded between December 2016 and March 2017 by Raúl Ranea and Pablo Vaquera in our rehearsal room and in Pablo's house, where he also mixed it during March and April. Steve Corrao mastered this record in May at Sage Audio (Nashville-Tennessee-).

All songs by Guiri Resort.

Pablo Vaquera & Alejandro Garrido backing vocals on "Guiri Resort".

Edited by Devil Records & Though Ain't Enough Records.


released October 10, 2017

Charles: Voice & Guitars
Kick-Off: Voice & Bass
Mike: Drums & Backing Vocals


all rights reserved



Guiri Resort Málaga, Spain

We are the tourists in a jump to glory!

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Track Name: A01- Keep It On Riot
All the kids are on the streets,
They’re standing, looking at me.
Today there won’t be mistakes,
This army will change everything.

Keep it on riot.

Police s trying to repress,
Peppers spray is not so bad.
This is what we wanted, I guess
Remain seated is for hippies.

Keep it on riot.
Track Name: A02- Balconing 4Ever
We’re not wankers.

Spending my money
I lose control.
I went to the party,
I lost my phone

Balconing is funny
And zombie drug too.
The police is coming
And here we go.

Is all we want to do when
We are drunk in our rooms.

We are the tourists
In a jump to glory.
Track Name: A03- Gonna Kill You
All this time since I met you
We both knew I’ll blow you away.
When I see you passing by
I only think bout’ murdering.

I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Tell your mom I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Tell your dad I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Tell your girl I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Kill and torture.

You walk like a gentleman
And you talk like a nobleman.
Life has treated you so well,
But it’s time to farewell

I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Tell your mom I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Tell your dad I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
Tell your girl I’m gonna kill you (kill you),
And your family also.
Track Name: B01- Corner Love
I wanna kiss you. Make me a favour.
I'm going to pay you.

She's not another love,
I love her too much.
I just wanna be with her,
Because she's such a pretty girl.

She's my first real love.
When I see her
My heart beats more and more.
She's my better love
And I would pay
Just to be with her
All night long.
She's my corner love
And she dresses like a whore.
She gets pissed while she fucks
And also gives
Discounts to groups.

She's my corner love,
At this time I don't care
If it's right or not.
She’s my corner love
And I will pay
Just to be with her all night long.
Track Name: B02- Milky Cops
I hate white cops.

White cops, they're always on segway.
White cops, with hats and glasses.
They will make you pay the fine for.
Drinking, realaxing and swimming.
Football is what we are waiting.

''You should not make a fire here''. I don't care.
''Don't throw bottles in the sea''. I don't care.

Thank you for safe us, thank you.
Thank you, but we didn't ask you to.
This is not baywatch stop looking.
Asses, we paid our taxes.
Leave us, do not be the hero.

We just came to spend a week. They don't care.
Summer passes, they still here. They don't care.

White cops, what I say is fuck you.
Track Name: B03- Guiri Resort
Goin' for the first time to visit this place,
I started drinkin'’some booze on the plane again.
No plans to visit any place,
Except the pubs with my friends.

I will fight you, you will fight me,
Cause I'd like to be inside a prison cell.

Woke up from my first delirium dream,
Before my pshycotropic trip.
Some cocaine to estimulate,
The heroin down in my veins.

I made a tattoo, I beat some bastards again
I had a heart attack. See you next summer.

Resort invation.

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